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Levi by ale0404 Levi :iconale0404:ale0404 3 0 Marshall lee by ale0404 Marshall lee :iconale0404:ale0404 2 1 Diabolik lovers by ale0404 Diabolik lovers :iconale0404:ale0404 9 0 Untitled by ale0404 Untitled :iconale0404:ale0404 2 0 Dragon  by ale0404 Dragon :iconale0404:ale0404 0 0 JPEG_1430788543813_2086629433 by ale0404 JPEG_1430788543813_2086629433 :iconale0404:ale0404 0 0 JPEG_1430787719506_57423186 by ale0404 JPEG_1430787719506_57423186 :iconale0404:ale0404 0 0 JPEG_1430787486063_-329580586 by ale0404 JPEG_1430787486063_-329580586 :iconale0404:ale0404 2 0 JPEG_1428704611333_-84711052 by ale0404 JPEG_1428704611333_-84711052 :iconale0404:ale0404 1 0 JPEG_1427420081234_760503024 by ale0404 JPEG_1427420081234_760503024 :iconale0404:ale0404 0 0 JPEG_1427419781731_274437545 by ale0404 JPEG_1427419781731_274437545 :iconale0404:ale0404 3 0


Secret Wedding by yagihikaru Secret Wedding :iconyagihikaru:yagihikaru 431 27 27 by Robotpencil 27 :iconrobotpencil:Robotpencil 299 4
One Piece X Reader | Goddess of Gold| Part 1
In the world of magic, those who are born with magical abilities are admitted into the famous wizardry school, The Golden Academy. In order to qualify its standards, one has to be able to impress more than 7 teachers. Otherwise, the other way is through recommendation.
Every year, 400 girls and boys would enter the Dragon Trial where they would perform spells or tame wild mystical creatures, Usually the former since taming a beast is of an intermediate level. Out of 400 of them, only 200 or lesser are chosen each year.
"(Full name), please step up on the platform." The announcer said and I took a deep breath. You can do this (y/n)
There was a penal of teachers acting as judges. So far, the other 399 competitors have gone and only 99 have been accepted. Competition’s tough, huh.
Donquixote Doflamingo, Red Hair Emperor Shanks, Hawkeye Dracule Mihawk, Black Cage Hina and Nico Robin. These judges specialized in different magic. To impress them would be difficult...
:iconxx-neko-pierrot-xx:Xx-Neko-Pierrot-xX 72 17
Be betrayed by ASingleGiraffe Be betrayed :iconasinglegiraffe:ASingleGiraffe 355 18
Married to a demon Epilogue
You woke early that day, eating your breakfast in the kitchen. After finishing it, you returned to your room, opening the curtains. You opened the window to stand on your balcony, observing the cars passing by.
The 21th century...
It was truly a strange era.
“Mom! Della is hitting Lance again!” Tara cried downstairs.
“I'm not! You are the one who did!” her twin sister cried back.
You face palmed yourself before giggling loudly. You walked downstairs to see all your children. Hazel and Lukas, who were now '20' years old, were sipping their tea in silence, wearing clothes which tested your sanity. Was it you or did it seem that the humans of this century are wearing less clothes? Della and Tara were yelling at each other, again. The '8' years old girls were griping at each other neck since their birth. Lastly, there was Lance, who was eating in his crib, giggling when he saw you. You took Lance in your arms while giving a warning look to your twin daughters.
:iconsolstice-arctic-luna:Solstice-Arctic-Luna 397 144
Soulmate (1)
Once each one made a lotus bloom in other's blood pool,
by each brooding on the thought of the other, but time flies,
their songs, adventurous white swans, flew to distant lands,
in meditative moments they can see, those birds rest in eternity's nest-
hitting the bull's eye triggering enlightenment, but blue bird
their pet, both loved, is still perched somewhere in a higher branch, not that visible,
echoes of ecstasy visit them now and then, but they knew illusions won't last.
He is now fire and wind, she is earth and water, time to part it is
tears welling in her eyes, she asks: what shall I offer, as a parting gift?
"A bit of salt, from your blood, sweat and tears, too I appreciate"
his voice peters out to silence.Eternity their true abode, is waiting.

You stared up at the big manor in front of you, contemplating it with great admiration, even if the dark clouds were making it creepier. You didn't have a choice, after all, to go in this damned estate.
:iconsolstice-arctic-luna:Solstice-Arctic-Luna 497 56
Everyone Has Secrets! (Robinxreader) Chap. 5
The Feeling of Guilt
I don't own the images used or the characters in the story!
Chapter 5: The Feeling of Guilt
Robin and Kid Flash took the lead as the four of you traveled back to Mount Justice. Artemis rode next to you as you sped down the road with your motorcycles. Artemis could tell by the look on your face that something was wrong. She could always read your facial expressions like an opened book.  Artemis made sure her communicator was only connected to your communicator before speaking.
“What’s wrong Midnight? You know it’s not your fault Poison Ivy and Blue guy got away. We just need to regroup and figure out what the next step in their plan is,” Artemis said doing her best to cheer you up. You let out a sigh and nodded her head to her words.
“I know you are right, Artemis. I just feel a bit guilty that Robin got hurt, because of me,” you responded as turned your
:iconroseangel9413:roseangel9413 67 12
Mature content
Everyone Has Secrets! (Robin x Reader) Chap. 9 :iconroseangel9413:roseangel9413 43 22
Everyone Has Secrets! (Robin x Reader) Chap. 6
Chapter 6: The New Kid
With school about to begin, the three of you headed your classroom. You said ‘good-bye’ to Artemis since she was in a different class than you and Dick. Once in your classroom, you found your seat in front of Dick’s desk. You took out your notebook and text book for your first class. Just as you were about to make some doodles in your notebook to pass the time, you felt Dick tapping your shoulder. You rolled your eyes before turning around with a fake smile on your face to see what he wanted.
“I just wanted to remind you that we will be sitting together for lunch now that we are dating. I don’t mind if your friend, Artemis wants to join as well,” Dick said with a smile on his face. You nodded your head before turning back around to face the front as the teacher, Mrs. Hintz, entered the room. The one thing you did not like about this arrangement was the fact you had to bend around backwards for Dick just so he could keep your se
:iconroseangel9413:roseangel9413 73 16
Everyone Has Secrets! (RobinxReader) Chap. 7

Chapter 7: The Controller
When you arrived at Mount Justice, you made your way to the living room to see who else was here. Even if there was not a mission for you, you were sure you would be training with Black Canary tonight. Before you entered the living room, you could hear two familiar voices talking to each other. Instead of walking into the room, you remained by the doorway to listen to their conversation.
“Robin, I still think you should just tell her how you feel. You are just digging yourself into a big hole,” Kid Flash said trying to reason with his best friend. “I understand what you are saying, KF. However, this is the only way I can keep her safe as well. Beside I’m not the only one who is not telling their crush their true feelings. If you are too chicken, I can tell Artemis when she arrives,” Robin replied back before a small chuckle let his lips.
Typically, you enjoyed hearing the sound of Robin’s
:iconroseangel9413:roseangel9413 65 19
Everyone Has Secrets! Chap. 8 (Robin x Reader)
Chapter 8: A New Secret Created!
“Or at least that’s what the organization I work for calls me. I hate to admit it, but the name is kind of growing on me the longer I stay on this planet. However, I do prefer it if you called me by my real name, Erebus. And your real name is Nyx and not (First Name) (Last Name) or Midnight or whatever other silly name you like to be called on this planet, my queen,” Erebus said as he reached his hand out and brush his fingertips against your cheek and down to your neck. A shiver ran down your spine as flashes of images appeared in your head.
A memory of being in a fancy bedroom chamber appeared in your head. Gold and jewels seemed to decorate every inch of the room. You had never seen such riches in one place before. As you glanced over at a mirror in the room, you saw your reflection, but at the same time it wasn’t you. You were an adult woman with long (hair color), which was decorated with a beautiful gemmed flower h
:iconroseangel9413:roseangel9413 69 12
Everyone Has Secrets! Chapter 10 (Robin x Reader)
Chapter 10: All Day Date Part II: Robin
You stood on the ledge of one of the taller buildings in Gotham City as a gust of wind blew your hair back from your face. The view in front of you was breathtaking as you watched the lights of the city dance around the darkness of the night. There was a slight chill in the air, but it felt nice against your warm skin. Memories of today were replaying in your head as you waited for Robin to arrive on the roof you were meeting him on.
You were still unsure of what all your visions meant and hoped Robin could help decipher them. From what you could gather, your body was being use to host a woman’s soul as she regained her powers. If this was true, it made sense to why you started to gain the ability to control the darkness about two years ago. However, you did not start having visions until after meeting the Controller. There was the possibility that he had implanted those visions to confuse you and have the team distracted away from his real
:iconroseangel9413:roseangel9413 66 14
Jello by KikiMJ Jello :iconkikimj:KikiMJ 208 10 Hellboy Kittens by AlexRuizArt Hellboy Kittens :iconalexruizart:AlexRuizArt 176 6 Silent treatment by Picolo-kun
Mature content
Silent treatment :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 7,642 408
The Map by Picolo-kun The Map :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 11,141 261


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